Yes smoking

I've never smoked, but i'm definitely going to start when i'm 75.

  • Most 75 year olds can't operate computers.
    i'm going to get pretty bored when i'm 75 and lose the ability to use technology.
    i'll have to go analogue and start smoking to help fill the gap.
  • My 75 year old lungs will be as fresh as a daisy.
    coming late to the "smoke party" would mean less time to get smoking diseases.

    I'd have 75 years of healthy lungs inside me, ready and waiting to start filling up with black gunk.
  • Learning new skills at an older age helps keep your mind active.
    any brain cells killed off by the tobacco would be instantly replaced by my newly active mind.
    its a "win-win" situation.
  • Its something to do with your hands.  
    that doesn't involve juggling.
  • It looks good fun.  
    smoke rings anyone?    mmmm.  satisfyin'
  • It would annoy the health conscious nurses in the old peoples homes of the future.
    they might ask me to blow my smoke down a futuristic tube - which sounds amazing - i can't wait to have a go.
  • It would bring an element of excitement to night times.
    imagine the thrill of waking up to discover if i had previously fallen asleep with a burning cigarette in my mouth.  when i find out i hadn't, it would be as exciting as winning the lottery.
  • What else am i going to do when i'm 75?
    i cant take up anything else.  like roller skating.
    not with my hips.
In conclusion:
kids - dont smoke.  grandma, do what you want.