you know the song, "wake me up before you go go" by wham. 
why does he say "jitterbug" at the start of the song ?
  • it has no relation to anything else mentioned in the lyrics
  • i'm all for things not making sense - but the rest of this song makes too much sense for the "jitterbug" to be ignored
  • since first hearing this song in 1984 everyone just accepted the "jitterbug" part without a second thought
    "oh yeah - jitterbug.  I suppose it is"
  • why ?
  • what does it mean ?
  • why does he say it ?
  • whats he going on about ?
  • How is he getting away with this ?
  • what is a jitterbug ?  according to the dictionary its:
    Noun 1. jitterbug - a jerky american dance that was popular in the 1940s
    ^ this doesnt help matters
  • whats has a jerky american dance from the 1940s got to do with waking up in the 1980s?
  • i know george michael is drugged up to his eyeballs these days - but can someone try to get an explanation out of him ?  before its too late ?